Vassily Polenov Birthday

Dear friends,

Today, June 1st (new style), marks the 180th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding artist and academician of painting, Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov!

Natalia Polenova, Director of the Museum-Reserve of V.D. Polenov, says: “Vasily Polenov’s creativity, his educational and cultural activities, represent a remarkable phenomenon in the Russian culture and – more broadly – in the life of the second half of the 19th to early 20th century. It is impossible to imagine the cultural elite of pre-revolutionary Russia without the name of this artist.”

Today, we invite you to watch the film “Man of Light,” produced by GTRK Samara, especially for the retrospective of the artist’s works.

We welcome you every day to visit his unique museum estate in the Tula region.

Please, do not miss the unique Diorama, created by Vassily Polenov, which was incredibly successful during the artist’s lifetime. The artist’s daughter, Natalia Vasilyevna Jr., recalls one of the viewings: “A day after the anniversary, representatives of the local authorities came to the estate, and we showed them the diorama. Dad watched and was immensely proud of it. ‘How good it is, wait to close the curtain.’ I notinced him that one couldn’t be so enthusiastic about his own work. ‘But you can, everything is allowed now. After the jubilee, everything is allowed!’ 1924, the 80th anniversary of Vassily Polenov.”

GTRK Samara presents the film “Man of Light,” featuring Natalia Polenova, Director of the Museum-Reserve of V.D. Polenov, and museum researcher Yulia Bogacheva. May 2024.