The #POLENOVOSTRESM  – series of short videos (with subtitles) was launched in March 2020 due to the COVID- 19 pandemic mode. The museum officially closed its doors and focused on its activities online.

Here we made an effort to talk about the legacy of Vassily Polenov in a format of short video stories, which were broadcast on the POLENOVO’s social media.

Vassily Polenov, famous Russian and European artist and educator, created his own model of the universe in his estate on the banks of the Oka-river. What are the hidden treasured in the museum collections? How many culturs and centuries can we found out? Who are the keepers of the artistic and natural heritage today? What happened to the family and the estate  during the dramatic 20th century?

Without leaving your home, one can see the whole world in company of the members of the Polenovs’ family, employees and friends of the museum. Please, find all playlists with subtitles on POLENOVO  YouTube.