Kids in Museum

Vassily  Polenov at the beginning of the twentieth century outlined the basics of what we now call “museum learning”. The main goal for both teachers and museum educators is to teach creativity and it is an open end process.

“Theater of the New Year Holiday”.

One of the brightest family events took place at the Big House around the New Year and Christmas Eve – a performance in the style of the Polenov family, with fairy tales and gifts for everyone.

Children Festival ‘Kurochka Ryaba‘.

The logo of this regional festival originated from the doll, painted by S.Malyavin – “Girl with a Black Chicken”. These matryoshka dolls can be seen in the Dining Room of the Big House. These spring festivals bring together creative kids (including those from orphanages and children with disabilities) from the Tula, Kaluga and Moscow regions.