International Theater Day!

On this day, we congratulate everyone with International Theater Day!
Exactly 110 years ago, the Polenov family staged the first performance of their home theater – together with the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and villages.

According to the established tradition, the Polenovs staged their home productions at Christmas. But with the opening of the Strakhovo School, built according to the artist’s designs, these annual performances moved to the school stage – in 1913, the premiere of the play “The Scarlet Flower” based on the fairy tale by T. A. Aksakov took place.

Peasant children wuth Ekaterina Polenova, the eldest daughter of the artist, she was the director of the performance, and the roles were played by her sisters – Maria, Olga and Natalya, as well as their cousins Boris and Vladimir Wulf. The artist himself created the author’s stage design for the production.

The theatrical tradition continues in the museum of V.D. Polenov since 1913. Twice a year we stage performances with actors from museum staff and local children: the New Year’s Tree play and the Theater on the Lawn.

Photo: Robin Hood performance, Big House Library. 1986