Exhibition “Polenovs. Dynasty. Sea”

On October 5, 2021 at 17.00, at the Main building of K.V. Arsenyev Museum of the History of the Far East there will be on official opening of the exhibition “Polenovs. Dynasty. Sea”. The display features the items from the collection of the artist Vassily Polenov and the famous family archive.
The exhibition is about the Polenovs and the great traditions to serve in the navy. The Polenovs are not only famouse because their connections to the art world, but also as a dynasty of sailors and captains. Four representatives of our family dedicated their lives to navy and we cherish the memory till nowadays.
The project is remarkable for the Polenovo Museum, because it addresses the key topics of family history and personal memory.

Address: st. Svetlanskaya, 20, Museum of the History of the Far East, Vladivostok.