Exhibition “Once Again About Sketches…”

Dear friends!

We invite you to the exhibition “Once again about sketches…” by artists Svetlana Shulga and Maria Ryzhova. It will be held from 6th March to 7th April 2024 in the City of Masters Exhibition Hall, Polenovo Museum

The exhibition is not rather ordinary. Two very different women-artists have collected a short retrospective of their work in the spirit of the Russian school of painting over the recent years. Both work independently, but come together for collaborative projects and plein-airs, for which they have a special passion. The  inspiration are drawn from the beauty of nature – forests and seas, Russian architecture, as well as from everyday life. Under their brushwork it turn into still lifes and acquire a new sound.  The academic style is used together with the creative experiments, both Svetlana and Maria love gouache; they consider it a very plastic and comfort material.

The works are presented in different techniques and genres. You will see classical landscapes, and dashing sketches, seascapes, portraits and still lifes – a whole small world of colours and attempts to convey the movement of the soul.

Svetlana’s works are characterised by a tenacious and unconventional view of things, unusual composition, and her subtle energy. The artist strives to achieve pictorial freedom. Maria’s plein air works are made with a special sense of harmony and fullness of sounding colours. Her style is featured by freshness, a certain impressionism in conveying the state of nature and mood.

Tickets can be purchased at the entrance or via the museum’s website.