QR-code to visit Vassily Polenov museum

Due to the high alert epidemiological situation, since October 22, 2021, the additional covid restrictions will be introduced in the Tula region. The decision is based on Decree No. 62 of the Governor of the Tula Region “On additional measures taken in connection with the introduction of a high alert regime in Tula Region.”

✅ To get accesss to all points of the Polenovo museum is possible only for the holders of QR ‑code of vaccinated or  QR – code of the recovered person valid for up to six months from the date of the recovery.

✅ The QR code should presented at the museum’s ticket office.  For online tickets, please note that a QR-code will be requested together with an e‑ticket at the museum entrance.

✅ The QR-code (and ID) is required for visitors over 18 years old. Children and teenagers under 18 can visit the museum without a QR-code.

✅ Please, wear masks and keep social distance.

Thank you for understanding! All measures are taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the Tula region.