OPEN UP! Exhibition of New Year Art Residency

On 11 January 2022, at 17.00, the Family History Centre in Tula invites you to the opening of an exhibition on of the New Year’s art residency “OPEN UP!”

During two pre-holiday weeks (December 13–26, 2021) the Family History Centre hosted the New Year’s art residency. Artists from Tula and Moscow participated under the guidance of curators Alyona Kukushkina, Andrey Musin and Ivan Smurygin created various art objects in different genres: paintings, plastic arts, graphics and prints.

The art exhibition lasts only one week from 11th to 16th January 2022, and after its finissage, the museum staff and the artists will donate their art objects to those who have been alone during the holidays, mainly to the lonely and elderly people.

The title “OPEN UP!” reflects the mission of the project. By doing something sincere and kind, we open ourselves and our talents to people, we discover the opportunity to become better person to ourselves. LOOK INSIDE – into your heart, LOOK BACK – where are you from; look at those who gave you life – your parents, LOOK DOWN – at your land – it gives you strength, and then – OPEN UP!

Participants of the New Year art-residency:

Maria Golovkina
Roman Ustimenko
Elena Khudenko
Yevgeniya Tishina
Yevgenia Isamatova
Nika Lakrba
Andrey Filippov
Daniil Markov
Veronica Grukhina
Yulia Kordes
Maro Mikoyan

Curators: Andrey Musin, Alena Kukushkina, Ivan Smurygin (Wordshop Music Video – “Music, Advertising and Fashion Video Directing Workshop”, Wordshop Communications Academy)

Illustration: Andrey Musin (Wordshop Music Video – “Music, Advertising and Fashion Video Directing Workshop” by Wordshop Communications Academy)

Address: 8a Blagoveshchenskaya Street, Tula