National Parks Day

January 11 is the  Day of National Parks and Nature Reserves

The Vasily Polenov Museum-Reserve is one of the largest museum and natinal park in our country. Its territory covers 890 hectares.

Having settled in these places, Vassily Polenov  multiplied the amazing beauty of the Oka-river landscapes: his estate became an integral part of the surrounding nature.

Fyodor Dmitrievich Polenov, the artist’s grandson, wrote: “From the terraces of the museum you can clearly see the park, which today one can already call an ancient. The park is the brain-child of Vasily Dmitrievich, the most of the pines here were planted by his hands and by the hands of his friends and students, members of the family. The artist’s family has always had a special attitude towards the park – as a living being, a natural (neither to subtract nor to add) continuation of the museum, or better to say, an integral part of it. Careful treat of the trees, their growth and development was inherit by Polenov, the man, who was so caring for his students.”

Photo: V.D. Polenov Museum-Reserve.