Journey into History

Dear friends!
We invite you to the exhibition “Journey into History”, from November 1 to December 27, 2023 at the Admiralty Exhibition Hall.

The exhibition features the works by artist Anna-Maria Kuznetsova. Anna-Maria Kuznetsova is a painter, a member of the Artists’ Union of Russia and the International Federation of Artists. After graduating from Central Art School named after. V.D. Polenov and the Lyceum of Arts Anna-Maria focused her work on watercolors and painting, and continued to study at the Faculty of Interior Design. Today she works both in watercolor and in oil painting techniques.
She already had her first solo exhibitions  at the Exhibition Hall  of Polenovo museum in Tula, at the museum of the cruiser “Varyag”,   at the museum . estate of A. Bolotov “Dvoryaninovo” and others.
The artist was inspired by the work of the French poet, critic and essayist Charles Pierre Baudelaire, “The Poet of Modern Life,” for a series of compositions created in 2021–2023. On her canvases she talks about fashion, women, crews, and dedicates the reader to the details of the life of society. Heroes of the 19th century, sophisticated stately ladies in luxurious fashionable suits and hats, are almost alive in the artist’s graphic, watercolor sketches and oil works. Her works are full  of the glorious past; entire eras could be revealed in the warm light of her works.

Free admission.