African Art

November, 18, 2023 – April, 14, 2024
Dear friends!

We cordially invite you to the exhibition “African Art”, from  18th November 2023 till  14th April 2024, at the ground floor of the Exhibition Hall “City of Masters”. The exhibition will feature African sculptures and masks from the collection of Eddie Novarro.

Eddy Novarro (1925–2003) was a Brazilian photographer. He became famous for his photo portraits of his famous contemporaries: film stars, writers, artists.
Another of his passions was travelling in Africa. Eddie Novarro travelled to many countries in the Central Africa in the 1950s. From each trip he brought back the masterpieces of African folk art. He picked up some pieces not only for his own collection, but also for his famous acquaintances. In particular, for Pablo Picasso.
In his collection, a number of important components are clearly identified: masks, which are primarily ritualistic in nature, sculptures symbolising fertility, images of mystical nature, providing protection of the home from evil spirits, household items with elements of ritualism. The collected objects vividly reflect the cultural and historical context of African art as a phenomenon of world culture.

Tickets can be purchased at the entrance or via  museum’s website.